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NEW! Have your identity, credit, privacy and reputation protected year-round

$ 199.990

NOW $ 149.99 GET $50 OFF

→ 1 year of protection
→ For 1 person
→ Get $50 off instantly, no coupon code needed!
60-day money back guarantee!

      Know your bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers and ID's are safe
      Easily monitor and track your credit history
      Get notified if your privacy and/or reputation are at risk on social media sites
      In case of a breach get your identity back with a US-based restoration agent
      $1 million guarantee covers you for lost wages, fraudulent withdrawals and more

Did you know that in the United States alone an identity is stolen every two seconds [1]? That it will take up to six months to get it back [2]? No wonder ID theft has been one of the top FTC complaints for the past 15 years... [3]

Enters Norton Identity Protection Elite. This revolutionary subscription-based service is based on three core features:

1. Monitoring:

  • Your social security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards and even medical ID's are monitored at all times so you can get alerted if fraudulent activity is detected. 
  • You get a monthly credit report and access to a yearly comprehensive report to keep track of changes and trends.
  • Know if your privacy and/or reputation are threatened on worlwide social media sites.

2. Restoration:

  • In case of an identity breach, a dedicated US-based restoration agent will spend the necessary time filing paperwork and making the right calls to get your identity and credit back.
  • If your wallet is stolen or lost, a specialist will take care of cancelling and re-issuing credit cards, ID's and more.

3. Coverage:

  • Get peace of mind with a $1 million restoration service guarantee, which will cover you for lost wages, attorney fees, fraudulent withdrawals on your bank accounts, travel expenses and more if you are the victim of identity theft.

Identity protection is no laughing matter. Take a step back and let professionals handle it. Get in good hands with Norton Identity Protection Elite today.


[1]  The Bureau of Justice Statistics bulletin, Victims of Identity Theft, September 2015
[2]  Daniel J. Solove, The Digital Person: Technology and Privacy in the Information Age 110
[3]  FTC Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for January –December 2015

  • Constant monitoring of bank accounts, credit cards, social security numbers, ID's
  • Credit tracking and reporting on a regular basis
  • Privacy and reputation protection on social media sites
  • Identity and credit restoration help with a US-based dedicated agent
  • $1 million restoration guarantee covers for lost wages, fraudulent withdrawals on bank accounts, attorney fees and more

  • Norton Identity Protection Elite is a subscription-based service that does not require software installation