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LifeLock™ Standard Monthly Subscription



NEW! Have your identity, credit and privacy protected year-round

 SAVE $1.00 

→ $8.99/month or $98.90 for 1 year
→ SSN and credit alerts
→ Get $10% off instantly, no coupon code needed!
→ Try it first for 30 days, risk-free

      Know your bank accounts, credit cards and social security numbers are safe
      Benefit from one-bureau credit monitoring
      Get notified by phone, text, email or mobile application in case of a breach
      Get your identity back with a dedicated US-based restoration agent
      Stolen funds reimbursement up to $25,000

Did you know that in the United States alone an identity is stolen every two seconds [1]? That it will take up to six months to get it back [2]? No wonder ID theft has been one of the top FTC complaints for the past 15 years... [3]

Enters LifeLock Standard. This revolutionary subscription-based service is based on three core features:

1. Monitoring:

  • Your social security numbers, bank accounts, credit cards are monitored at all times so you can get alerted if fraudulent activity is detected. 
  • Get notified by text, phone, email or via our mobile app in case of a breach
  • Reduce your privacy exposure on common public people-search websites
  • We'll notify you if we determine your personal information is being sold on the Dark Web

2. Restoration:

  • In case of an identity breach, a dedicated US-based restoration agent will spend the necessary time filing paperwork and making the right calls to get your identity and credit back.
  • If your wallet is stolen or lost, a specialist will take care of cancelling and re-issuing credit and insurance cards, ID's and more.

3. Coverage:

  • Get peace of mind with up to $25,000 in reimbursement for stolen funds and personal expenses (each), plus coverage for experts and laywers to resolve your case if needed.

Identity protection is no laughing matter. Take a step back and let professionals handle it. Get in good hands with LifeLock Standard today.


[1]  The Bureau of Justice Statistics bulletin, Victims of Identity Theft, September 2015
[2]  Daniel J. Solove, The Digital Person: Technology and Privacy in the Information Age 110
[3]  FTC Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book for January –December 2015

  • LifeLock Identity Alert® System
  • Dark Web Monitoring
  • LifeLock Privacy Monitor™
  • Address Change Verification
  • Lost Wallet Protection
  • One-Bureau Credit Monitoring
  • Reduced Pre-Approved Credit Card Offers
  • 24/7 Live Member Support
  • U.S.-Based Identity Restoration Specialists
  • Million Dollar Protection™ Package:
  • - Stolen Funds Reimbursement up to $25,000
    - Personal Expense Compensation up to $25,000
    - Coverage for lawyers and experts

  • LifeLock Standard is a subscription-based service that does not require software installation apart from our optional mobile device application.